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Free Spirits is an online retail store specializing in Japanese leather goods, stationeries, and accessories. We are based in Kobe, a beautiful city in the southwest region of Japan. Since our beginning in 2013, our goal has always been to be in close relationship with our material, craftsmen, and customers. We have opened three physical stores in Japan and several popups in Asia. We are excited to deliver our products worldwide with the renewal of this virtual store. Should you have and questions or comments, feel free to shoot us an email. We hope you enjoy!


2013: The Beginning

Free Spirits started in 2013 with the ambitious goal of providing quality leather goods to working men. CEO Mitsutoshi Murata roamed Japan in search of skilled craftsmen that could fulfill his dream. This was the humble beginning of an online retail store with a selection of Japanese-made leather goods aimed at bringing joy to working men. 

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The Shops

 We currently have three physical stores in Japan: two in Kobe and one in Osaka. If you are ever in the vicinity, please stop by. We have assorted all of the products on our virtual store, and more! 

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In 2018, Mitsutoshi extends the purity of his vision in his new line of leather accessories. 

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