Staff's Choice - Vermilion “Crocodile” Ballpoint Pen “Japan blue”

This elegant ballpoint pen uses the leather of exotic leather king 'crocodile' which is dyed with traditional technique 'Ai zome/ indigo dye' of Awa Tokushima prefecture in Japan.

The plant "Ai / Indigo" cultivated in Awa is dyed by a traditional fermentation construction technique, its color and texture gives moisture and beauty to the mind and body of those who have it and makes you feel the scent of nostalgia .
Currently, there are only two companies in Japan can produce the material to be officially called "Real Indigo dye".
And only one of them is able to dye the crocodile leather.
Moreover, the process of "tanning" before putting in color is also done with domestic tanner with technical capability, they use carefully selected "water" and tanned it in several times.
Therefore, the number of production is limited, and it is a material of high scarcity.

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