Rotolo - Pueblo leather pencil case

The "rotolo" is an unique shape pencil case, is a product of  M+ (m-piu). It is designed that a piece of leather rolls up pencils inside such as a scroll. An elastic band stretches to hold the stationery and fit them inside perfectly. We tested it's capacity and it was able to hold 13 standard type pencils.
 Italian luxury leather pueblo is being used for a surface, the leather texture and aging of color are charming.
Pueblo leather, feel just like Japanese paper - washi and has mat-texture at the beginning of use. After 2 or 3 months of use, the luxury oil included in leather  is coming out, and gloss wraps the surface, and the feel becomes smooth..

Please compare the pencil cases which our staff used for about 3 months (front) and a new article (back).

pueblo leather pencil case rotolo