Featuring brand - BEERBELLY

"BEERBELLY" just like its unique company name, also has a unique story for its foundation. This brand was launched at drinking table in 2013 with representatives and designers used to work together as its OEM for the world known high fashion brands. The products of BEERBELLY shows their unconventional ideas and commitments everywhere. Looking inside a bag, the Italian vachetta leather is used for its flap and bottom parts, is designed  to separates compartments, so it maintains the overall strength as well. The shuffle that connects the rope is a brass metal fitting. Brass changes to a tasty color to the extent as it gets used up. In other words, a BEERBELLY bag is made with a dedicated passion to be used as a lifetime. Originally, BEERBELLY craftsmen have been making famous brand's bags for more than 40 years, they have accumulated cutting and processing techniques specializing in cattle hide. By positively incorporating the voice of customers into product creation, it has become a brand that has lost its charm to heart.

Beerbelly tote bag leather

Beerbellly tote bag leather

Beerbelly wallet leather logo mark