Meeting a craftsman - Hiroan

We were able to learn about the basics of leather crafts from Mr. Hasegawa, a representative of 博庵 (Hiroan), who has a  master craftsmanship which is succeeded for three generations.
master craftsmanship, Mr. Hasegawa, Hiroan
Mr. Hasegawa's acknowledged expertise about leather crafts are trustworthy. He has answers to any questions about the processing method of leather, the characteristics of the materials, and the maintenance method for each leather.
We are all impressed by the meticulous works of Hiroan brand. For example, He is skilled to make ultra thin leather product  by  assembling two pieces of leather so that gives strength to it.  In addition, he is very particular about the manual technique to burnish leather edges with minute attention to detail.  
Free Spirits original card case collaborated with Hiroan
Free Spirits original money clip made by Hiroan
Free Spirits produces our original leather card case and money clip made by Hiroan.
You will understand his outstanding work when you hold his article in your hand.